Hive AdKit(hereinafter, AdKit) is an advertisement module that fixes errors occurred in processing the Unity package from AD(X) or ADOP and supports user convenience.
This guide is based on Hive SDK and outlines how to install, uninstall and update Hive AdKit for Unity packages. For more information about Hive AdKit, see Hive AdKit guide.

Install AdKit

  1. Download the latest version of AdKit from Hive Developers and unzip the file.
  • AD(X) Download: Download > Hive AdKit > for AD(X) > Unity
  • ADOP Download: Download > Hive AdKit > for ADOP > Unity
  1. Choose the .unitypackage file on Assets > Import Package > Custom Package from the Unity toolbar and click import.

  2. Check the files and folders related to Hive AdKit and AD(X)(or ADOP) are created in the Assets/ directory.
  • for AD(X)
  • for ADOP

Uninstall AdKit

AdKit for AD(X)

Delete the files and folders as listed below to uninstall the Hive AdKit for AD(X).

    • Hive AdKit
      • /Assets/HIVEAdKit
      • /Assets/HIVEAdKit_Example
    • AD(X)
      • /Assets/ADXLibrary
      • /Assets/GoogleMobilesAds
      • /Assets/MoPub
      • /Assets/Plugins/Android/GoogleMobileAdsPlugins
AdKit for ADOP

Delete the files in the Unity project as listed below to uninstall the Hive AdKit for ADOP.

    • Assets/Bidmad
    • Assets/HIVEAdKit
    • Assets/HIVEAdKit_Example

Update AdKit

Delete the AdKit you are using and install the latest version of it.