Hive Analytics v2 Introduction

Hive Analytics v2 is a new comprehensive metrics analysis service that complements the limitations of data processing of the existing Analytics which are caused by slow speed and capacity limit. Offers features that enable you to run targeting campaigns by segmenting game players in real-time and intensive analysis features such as cohort analysis and funnel analysis. Targets Hive platform games.

Hive Analytics v2 Characteristics

  • Unlimited data storage capacity – Enables you to collect all game logs
  • Fast data processing speed – Enables you to check the indicators of the day in real-time
  • Fast and easy data transfer method – Proceeds log definition in the backoffice
  • New analysis feature (planned) – Provides cohort/ funnel analysis and user creation indicator
  • Segment & Targeting – Enables you to segment users under desired conditions and proceed targeting campaign instantly on the designated user

Glossory of Terms

Term Description
Log Definition A feature where you can send the game log via Analytics v2
Segment A feature where you can group game users under specific conditions
Snapshot List of actual target users extracted according to the conditions defined by segments
Segment Combination A feature where you can create a new snapshot by combining two segments or snapshots
Targeting A feature where you can create push/promotion campaigns through segments and snapshots