What is Event Analysis?

  • Hive event participants, AU, sales and others are provided as indicators to analyze the impact of the event on the game.
  • Event status board, detailed indicators, ranking and comparison between events are provided to directly or indirectly analyze event performance.

Event Analysis Menu

  • Back Office Path: Hive console > Analytics > Event Analysis > Event Analysis

Indicator Terms

  • Event Participants: Users who participated in the event and received rewards and in-game currencies
  • AU: Users who logged in to the game after participating in the event
  • Sales: Users who generated sales in the game after participating in the event

Provided Indicator

  • Event status board
    • Event average indicator
      • It provides participants, sales and AU of various events in the game as a daily average value indicator.
    • Event Indicator
      • It provides participants, sales, AU cumulative indicators and fluctuations compared to the previous day.



  • Event Details
    • It provides daily and cumulative indicators of event participants, revenue and AU.
    • It provides indicators by country and OS of event participants.
    • It provides indicators of event participants’ sales and AU compared to all in-game users.
    • It allows you to view the overall event status and analysis in the game at a glance through the additional function of adding other events in the game.



  • Event Comparison
    • It provides a distribution map of participants, sales, and AU and several indicators to compare between events of selected multiple events.
    • When selecting events, other game events can also be selected.


  • Event Ranking
    • It provides daily, weekly and monthly rankings of event participants, sales, and AU.

Segment Link

  • Users who participated in the event can be linked directly with the segment.
  • Through the segment linkage function, you can directly download and utilize event user information.
  • How to Use Segment