What is Pre-registration Event Analysis?

  • The Pre-registration Event Analysis tracks the users who participated in the pre-registration event and provides them as indexes to analyze the impact that the users have on the game.
  • It also provides various types of indexes for LTV (Lifetime Value) analysis of users such as game installation, game login, DAU, PU as well as signing up for pre-registration event.

How to Use Pre-registration Event Analysis

  • Backoffice Path: Hive Console> Analytics> Event Analysis> Pre-registration Event Analysis
  • Choose Game> Choose Pre-registration Event or click “Pre-registration Event” on the bottom event list

Provided Index

  • Indexes per country/ OS/ no. of daily pre-registration participants
  •  The conversion rate of sections leading to game installation, login, and in-app purchase of pre-registration event participants, and indexes per country/ OS/ day of each section
  •  Total sales and average purchase of the pre-registration participants and their average purchase amount
  •  DAU, NU, PU, daily average purchase amount, daily average purchase count, daily average purchase user index from the start of the event until 4 weeks after the event ends
  • DAU, NU, PU, daily average purchase amount, daily average purchase count, daily average purchase user index of all game users

Index Terms

  • DAU: Daily Active User; the number of daily active users
  • PU: Purchase User; the number of users who made an in-app purchase
  • NU: New User; the number of new users per game
  • The daily average index is determined to be the effect of the event four weeks after the event is over. (4 weeks can be changed if required)

How to Track Pre-registration Event Participants

  1. Hive Coupon
    • You can use this method by rewarding the participants with Hive coupons issued.
  2. Google Referrer
    • You can use this method by adding an event code to the referrer value and applying Google Referrer to the game download link.
  3. Apply Ad Marketing Tools, “Adjust” & “Singular”
    • You can use this method by registering an event code and generating the game download link via the ad marketing tool.
  4. Fingerprint
    • You can use this method by tracking the pre-registration participants’ IP, model, OS, OS version, etc.

By using all 4 methods above, you can track pre-registration event participants, improve the index accuracy and expand the tracking range.

If you’re using Google Referrer or an ad marketing tool, the event code is issued by the Web Development Team.

Pre-registration Event Participant Segment Synchronization

  • You can analyze the segment of the corresponding user by selecting the pre-registration participant in the Hive Analytics Segment
  • You can use it for the funnel in the future if you add segments.