Authentication in Hive Console provides a function to search collecting data (log) through game initialization.

Initializing User Device

Hive Promotion and some Hive products check the installation history through device ID (DID). Once you input the game and DID to initialize and delete the installation history, the previous record is deleted. Then, you can collect the initial installation log again.

Searching Login History

You can search the sign-in history of Virtual ID (VID). Games developed by using SDK v1 and SDK v4 with Authentication v1 have VID only.


You can restrict VID. Restricting/releasing user ID (UID) or device ID (DID) in all games is available with the restriction function of Hive Social Media.

Search PlayerID Sync History

You can check the current sync status and history (last 3 months) of the PlayerID of the game to which authentication v4 has been applied.
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Restricted Use

Restricted Use is a feature that enables you to control users so that they cannot access the game by specifying certain games or IDs according to the operational policy.
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Register Restricted Use Type

Restricted Use Type is a feature that enables you to manage the restricted use type in accordance with the operational policy.
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Restricted Use Ranking Reset

Restricted Use Ranking Reset is a function to manage the Restricted Use Ranking Reset API’s Request URL (game server URL).
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Device Management

Device management is a service that allows users to enter the game only on registered devices.
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Overseas Login Block

The overseas login block service prevents access from countries other than those where login is allowed.
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