Restricted User Ranking Reset

Restricted Use Ranking Reset is a function that delivers a list of restricted users to reset the rankings of restricted users in the authentication v4 game. To use this function, the game needs to use Restricted User Ranking Reset API when developing.

This menu is a function to manage the Restricted Use Ranking Reset API’s Request URL (game server URL).

Please check if you have access to the menu if the menu is not seen.

  • Menu Location: Hive Console > Membership/authentication > Restricted Use > Restricted Use Ranking Reset
  • The details that can be processed in the Restricted Use Ranking Reset menu are as follows.

  • Search: Check the game name, game index, registered URL, administrator name, and registration date.
  • Register URL: Only one URL is registered per game. If the URL you want to register has issues such as firewalls, it may not be registered properly.
  • Change URL: Change the registered URL.
  • Delete URL: Delete the registered URL.