You need to set up community usage and domain settings in App Center in order to use the community.

Community is available on PC/mobile as well as in the form of webview in-game. Therefore, you must be issued with AppID and set up community usage and domain settings in App Center in order to deliver community usage info to Hive SDK.

Menu: Console > App Center > Manage AppID

Community AppID creation is required for the game you wish to use.
You must select ‘Community’ for the market info when creating the AppID.

Menu: Console > App Center > Game List > Hive Product Settings > Community Settings

Set up the community usage and the web domain to be used in App Center. The main domain cannot be changed but the subdomain of the community domain can be changed.

  • Example domain: TEXT

You cannot change the status or domain after completing the setup.

Automatic login is available when accessing the community in-game but you must proceed with web login if you’re accessing from a PC or mobile environment.
IdP types provided in Hive web login are as follows.

  • Hive Membership
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Apple (Different from Apple Game Center)

Hive membership does not require a separate setup, but registration is required in advance for Google, Facebook, and Apple. Please refer to the web login settings guide for more details.

Menu: Console > Hive Community > Create Community > Progress

The community uses a public DB and the schema of each game is separated. Therefore, even if you switch community usage to ON in App Center, it may take some time to connect the DB to the table.
If you switch community usage to ON in App Center, an automatic notification is sent to the community and the setup will begin. Normally, DB setup will be completed within 5 business days after changing the usage settings. You can check the progress in the menu above.

All images shown in the community are created in the relevant departments and registered to the console directly.
Please refer to the details below for the images required for the initial setup and their precautions.

  • The logo size is 132 x 62 px.
  • The logo size includes blank space (red area).
  • Logo fit size (yellow area) excluding blank space is 92 x 62 px.
  • Game logo image is applied for both mobile and PC.

  • 5120 x 2880 px is recommended for the BG image Max size (red area).
  • Scale the BG image based on the basic size (black area) of 1920 x 1080 px.
  • Leave the community content area in the center empty (blue area, width 1080 px).
  • Balance out the areas to the left and right of the community content area in the center when placing the main BG image.
  • Lower the density of the background image in areas outside 1920 x 1080 px based on Top/Center.

  • Homepage image size is based on 1080 x 340 px that will be applied to PC.
  • It is also applied to mobile, maintaining the aspect ratio and scaling down. The minimum size is width 640 px.
  • The banner consists of the GNB and title for mobile.
  • It is recommended to use images only for the homepage banner as inserting text and logos may overlap with the title.

  • The image size of the app icon is 96 x 96 px and is only exposed on the PC browser.
  • Corners and outlines of the app icon are applied by default. Please add the image in the form of a square ratio.

There are two types of banners: main banner and main pop-up banner. They can be used in the same resolution (800 x 450 px) as the in-game large banner.

  • Main banner: Image displayed on the top-right of the main page.
  • Main pop-up banner: Image displayed as a pop-up upon accessing the community.

  • CI image size is 120 x 40 px.
  • A single resource is applied to PC and mobile environments.

  • The default image displayed when sharing the community URL to external social media pages.
  • The image size is 800 x 400 px. The image ratio must be 2:1.

  • Profile image displayed in My Page which is loaded automatically via the game profile API.
  • The size is 160 x 160 px(minimum). Corners and outlines are applied by default. Please create the image in the form of a square ratio.

You can sync the same profile info used in-game to the community by creating a profile lookup API. Please refer to the community profile creation API guide for the protocol definitions required for the creation.

  • Account Profile Search
  • Profile Image List Search

A default community nickname will be used if there is no profile API.