This is the main page of the Hive console. This is the first screen you see when you log in, and it may differ from the example below depending on the company information value and access permission that can be accessed for each user.

The Hive console provides a separate URL for every page. Therefore, in the actual work process, we support you to access the desired page immediately without going through the main page. Please use shortcuts for frequently used menus by setting up Favorites or saving separate URLs.

1. Menu Search

If there are too many menus to find the desired menu, you can enter the keyword in the top search bar to go to the desired menu immediately. The keyword you entered will find the words on the page (final 3-depth menu) and instantly expose them as search results.

2. Extend Session Button

If there is no action, the login session will be maintained for up to 1 hour. If it is still in use, the login session is maintained without any special operation.

You can manually extend the login session by pressing the button.

3. Choose Language

Korean and English are supported.

4. Console Menu App Drawer

Including the administrator exclusive menu, app drawer contains functions other than those provided by Hive console.

Release Note

The release date of each game. The game list shown will vary by the company value you select on the top. Please check whether you have the company permission or not before using.


This is Hive console notices. It includes general notices, notices related to console improvements and updates on the operation guide. Update notices on console improvements and operation guide will be shown on the news area of the console home.

Search Permission

This is a search menu that allows you to check the status of a specific user’s permission. Anyone can use it without special permission, and you can check which user has which permission.

5. Choose Company

This is the company selection UI at the top right of the console screen. In Hive console, information that can be viewed is limited by the company value to which you belong, and information of other companies cannot be viewed unless specifically authorized. In this case, the UI is locked in an unselectable state by default.

In special cases, it may be necessary to be authorized by a third party due to business needs. In this case, additional accounts had to be issued in order to view the information of other companies, but it is not necessary to do so in the Hive console. If you need a third-party access permission request, please see here.

If you need such permission and you have been granted permission by requesting each company’s administrator, you will be granted the appropriate permission in your Hive console account (groupware account), and you will be able to select other company values from the company selection combo box. All menus including game release date information will differ based on the company selection value, so please be careful when using the menu if you have permission for more than 2 companies.

6. Console Sidebar


A favorite feature that allows you to quickly move to frequently used functions at the top of the left sidebar at any time is provided. You can add favorites by clicking the star icon on the left of the desired menu. Your favorites will be shown when you click the Star Icon on the very top of the sidebar. If there is a menu you want to unfavorite, please turn off the star icon toggle.

Within your Favorites collection, menus designated as favorites will be displayed in the order in which they are registered. However, if you have already bookmarked the menu of the same service (Ex. Billing, promotion), the same service group will be grouped and displayed.

Open in New Window Button

You can open the page in a new window by clicking the button to the right of the sidebar menu name.

Hive Backoffice

In addition, the Hive Backoffice, which is the main function of the console, can be accessed through the sidebar here.