Hive Customer Service is a system where users can Inquiry the Service Rep 1: 1 about an error or inquiry that occurred while using games or the platform and the Service Rep in charge can provide the user with an answer. Functions such as FAQ / Templates for quick and accurate responses, bulletin boards for communication with overseas corporations, statistics for consultation analysis, and etc. are available and the service is provided in 16 languages for domestic and overseas game users.

Customer Service Menu Formation

The Customer Service consists of the following menus.


You can see the inquiries you received in each language and the Service Rep can respond to assigned inquiries.
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Template Registration

You can register/manage the content to be exposed on the FAQ page of Hive Customer Service
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FAQ Registration

You can manage/register content that will be exposed on the FAQ Page in the Hive Customer Support.
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Issue Board

You can share issues that you need for consultation. Please share information so that Service Reps can recognize the situation when an event, error, or other issue occurs.

Request Board

It is a board that can receive and process requests from overseas corporations.

Manager Settings

It is a menu for managers only. Please set up Service Reps, categories, and etc. in advance so that Service Reps can receive and process inquiries.
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