Hive Customer Service Setup

Initial Settings

Basic information settings are required to use the Customer Support.

    1. Initial manager: Enter the manager information to perform manager tasks such as distribution of inquiries. If you need to add a manager, you can set it through the Customer Support > Contact > Manager Settings > User Information menu.
    2. Permission to view agents: You can limit permission to check only inquiries in a specific language. When designated with level 1 authority, inquiries in all languages ​​can be checked and mainly assigned to managers. When designated as level 2 authority, only inquiries about the language assigned when setting up an agent can be checked.
    3. Inquiry distribution method: The inquiry distribution method can be set according to each company’s operation method.

– Disabled: Do not automatically distribute inquiries, select it when the manager allocates manually.
– Equal Distribution: Inquiries are distributed first to the agent with the fewest remaining inquiries.
– Random Distribution: Inquiries are randomly distributed to all agents.
– Sequential Distribution: All agents are allocated the same number of inquiries.

    4. Default category: You can set the default category to select when making a 1:1 inquiry.
    5. Mail reply information: This is the mail information to be used when sending reply mail. Enter the sender name and email address.


Set company basic information

You can configure the UI to be exposed on the Hive web.

    1. The company logo exposed at the top of the main Customer Support for each company. (117*18, jpg/png)
    2. The company logo that’s exposed in the footer. To match the tone and manners, please make it in gray tones.(117*18, jpg/png)
    3. You can set up to 4 company-specific terms and conditions exposed in the footer per language.
    4. Enter the company name to be displayed in the main Customer Support by company in each language.
    5. Enter the company-specific copyright displayed in the footer.

Service Rep Registration/Authority/Level Setup

Please register an Service Rep to respond to the user inquiry and set up the authority.

Service Rep Registration

Click on the new registration button.

Click on search user in the 1:1 Inquiry authority registration pop-up and search the name in the 1:1 Inquiry user view pop-up. Double click on the searched name to enter the name on the 1:1 Inquiry authority registration pop-up. Check the Service Rep name and click on the save button to register on the Service Rep list of the user info tab.

Please search the Service Rep on the Canceled Customer Service Rep. on the bottom of the page to grant authority when registering for the first time, since Service Reps will be registered without authority.

Service Rep Authority Setup/Disabling

You can grant or revoke authority of users registered on the User Information Tab as follows.

  • Manager: Set up Service Rep authority for the Language tab registered as the manager and distribute inquiries.
  • Service Rep: Respond to the assigned inquiries.
  • Revoke authority : Revoke the Service Rep’s authority. No inquiries will be distributed to the Service Rep without authority.

Service Rep Status Setup

Inquiries will be distributed to the Service Reps that are On. If the distribution method is setup to be carried out by game, inquiries will be distributed to Service Reps that are Off as well.

Service Rep Level Setup

You can set up the access authority on the Language tab according to the level of the Service Rep on the level setup tab

  • Level 1 : Check all inquiries in all language tabs.
  • Level 2 : Check inquiries of the language tab registered as an Service Rep.

Inquiry Auto Distribution Method Setup

Set up the distribution method for the received 1:1 inquiries or e-mail inquiries.

1:1 Inquiry Auto Distribution Method Setup

You can set up the auto distribution method of the inquiries in the following way. The inquiry is distributed to Service Reps who have the status set to On, with the exception of game-specific allocation.

  • Equal distribution: Distribute to the Service Rep with the least number of remaining inquiries first
  • Voluntary distribution: Distribute randomly
  • Sequential distribution:  Distribute to each person to have the same number of inquiries
  • By game :  Distribute by game (Inquiries registered as others will be distributed equally)

E-mail Inquiry Distribution Setup

You can assign Service Reps by language or by e-mail address for the inquiries registered with e-mails.

Inquiry Category Setup

Set up the category for 1: 1 Inquiry. Users can select a category for the game or a game for the 1:1 Inquiry according to the set up category.

Add Game

In the list of all games on the left, move the game to be exposed in the Hive 1: 1 Inquiry to the right and modify the name.

Add Category

Add a game inquiry category. Once added, the category cannot be modified or deleted. If you add a category after the default selection, the category that corresponds to the default setting is added when you set up a game-specific category.

Category Template Settings

You can set up a template regarding inquiry categories.

1) Category Field Settings: Up to 10 templates for that category can be set. If the template must be created by the user, turn on the required settings. On the Create Contact page, you’ll see where the required fields are and a notification if you don’t fill out the required field. If you have more than one template, you can change the template order.
2) Attachment Settings: If you need to attach to the inquiry category, please add a guide. You can set the required settings for the attachment as you would for the category field settings.
3) Exposure Settings: When setting categories by game (Category Settings menu), you can set exposure status to the category list. However, it does not affect categories that have already been set as game categories.

When the category is set, click Save to update.

Category Settings

Set the category template you set in Add Category to the game to be exposed in the 1:1 inquiry page. The set category cannot be modified or deleted. Set the exposure settings to either on/off according to the purpose of the category.

1) Select Game: The list of games activated in the Add Game tab will be shown. The category settings pop-up will appear when you set up categories for the first time. When you select default settings, categories will be set up in Add Category> Default. After selecting a game, you can set up the settings the same as the corresponding game by clicking the Settings Button.
2) Add Category: You can set the category list set in the Add Category Tab in the tree type structure up to 3 depth.
3) Exposure Settings (Console On/Off): You can use it as a game category when set to ON. Categories cannot be deleted once set up. Please turn unused categories off.
4) Exposure Settings (User On/Off): When set to OFF, it will be excluded from the list of categories selected by the user.
5) Code Number: For frequently used categories, you can designate a code number to search for the specific category. You can only use alphabets or numbers (5 letters or less) and it is not case sensitive. Once entered code cannot be modified.
6) The selected game category can be downloaded to Excel.
7) PC/Mobile Preview: You can preview the templates for the set game category before saving the settings.

Register Issue

Register an issue to be checked when writing the response to inquiries. For unused issues, set it to Off or delete them.

Register Header

Register header to be used on the issue board or the request board. Please delete unused headers.