Hive Game Data Store Introduction

Hive Game Data Store is a service which offers a readable NoSQL-based data store that easily stores data generated in games in a key-value format through the Hive SDK.

Utilize the Hive Game Data Store to manage game data easily without building a separate DB system.


Start with Hive Game Data Store

Hive Game Data Store operates by creating a separate storage for each game.
Hive Game Data Store issues a public key for each game to provide secure data transmission and is used for verification of client-server communication.(※ Please be careful not to expose the key to the outside.)
Register the public key in the App Center to automatically set the public key in the app when the Hive SDK is reset.

explains the steps to create a storage, get a public key and register it in the App Center.

  1. Create a new storage (Hive Console → Game Data Store → Manage Data)
    1. Select the game you want to use the Hive Game Data Store for
    2. Click the ‘Getting Started with Data Management’ button
    3. Copy the generated public key
  2. Register the public key to App Center (Hive Console → App Center → Game List)
    1. Select the game you want to use the Hive Game Data Store for
    2. Go to ‘Hive Product Settings’ tab ①
    3. Select ‘Enable’ for data store ②
    4. Paste the data store public key ③ and save! ④

Save and read data via Hive SDK

  • Hive SDK API Link
  • Reference
    • Key Value Setting Notices!
      • Performance may drop during the entire search if too much data is concentrated on one key. In this case, adjust the key as shown below.
      • ex) You want to save the highest (best) score as the key value’s ‘bestscore’ and search the 1st to 10th data. (Assume the score ranges from 0 to 999,999)
        Caution) When the key value is saved as bestscore and searched, data of all users is searched, meaning too much data is searched at once.
        Suggestion1) Save only 900,000 or more by limiting the score value
        Suggestion2) Separate the key value by dividing the score value by section
        0~99,999 => bestscore0,
        100,000~199,000 => bestscore1,
        899,999~999,999 => bestscore8


Search Game Data

Data stored through the Hive Game Data Store can be viewed in the ‘Game Data Store’ menu provided on the Hive console.

  1. Hive Console → Game Data Store → Select Game
  2. Enter PID and Search

Player ID : {pid}#_{key}
※This image is the search result showed when you save pid : 34359 user or below data.