Initial setup is required to send OTP as SMS. Hive is sending through a total of 4 global SMS senders to increase the global SMS reception rate. As SMS sending incurs a cost per case, you need to contract and pay directly with the SMS sender in the service you want to use. When the contract with the company you want to use among the 4 companies supported by Hive is completed, you need to register the Key issued by each company on the console.

SMS Support Agencies

  • Twilio :
  • SUREM :
  • MessageBird :
  • Infobip :

OTP Sending Setting

  • OTP Sending Setting : Hive Console > Notification > OTP > OTP Settings

  1. Select the company you want to use. Messages are sent through a selected company, and the order is determined by an internal policy that takes the sending cost and success rate for each country into account.
  2. Register the unique Key code issued by each company for SMS sending. After the registration or contract for each company is completed, log in to the admin page, check the necessary information, and then register on the Hive console. Keys issued by each company are as follows.
      – Twilio : Account sid, Auth token, FromNumber
      – SUREM : Usercode, Deptcode, FromNumber
      – MessageBird : API Key, FromNumber
      – Infobip : Base URL, API Key, FromNumber
  3. In some countries, in order to increase the SMS reception rate, it is recommended to register the sender (SenderID) according to the regulations of each country’s telecommunication company. For SenderID, the documents required for each company and country are different, and you may have to pay an additional fee, so please check with the SMS sender. After you set the sender (SenderID), the sender is displayed as the pre-registered sender (SenderID) in text form instead of a numeric phone number when receiving an SMS.
  4. You can set the SMS sending restrictions for each service. Depending on the service, OTP sending option configurations may take effect up to one day later.
      – Send Restriction: Set the number of SMS to be sent within 24 hours based on the received number.
      – OTP Valid Time: Set the OTP valid time after receiving an SMS. It can be set from 3 minutes to 10 minutes.
  • A message will be sent depending on the language of the OTP request page. Please refer to the table below as the multi language support status is different per SMS sender.(Languages not supported will be delivered in English.)
Korean (KR) O O O O
English (EN) O O O O
Japanese (JA) O X (English) O X (English)
Simplified Chinese (ZH-HANS) O X (English) O X (English)
Traditional Chinese (ZH-HANT) O O O X (English)
German (DE) O X (English) X (English) X (English)
French (FR) O X (English) X (English) X (English)
Russian (RU) O X (English) O X (English)
Spanish (ES) O X (English) O X (English)
Portuguese (PT) O X (English) O X (English)
Indonesian (ID) O O O X (English)
Thai (TH) O X (English) O X (English)
Vietnamese (VI) O X (English) O X (English)
Italian (IT) O X (English) X (English) X (English)
Turkish (TR) O X (English) O X (English)
Arabic (AR) O X (English) O X (English)