When a game starts, Hive SDK displays Terms of Service (“Terms”) by country and gets user agreement on Terms.

Structure of Terms of Service

The structure of Terms available to set in Hive Console is as follows:

  1. Terms of Service per AppID (Code L): The combination of Terms, which is finally displayed by country. Register the target AppIDs in the subordinate level of code L to expose this Terms.
  2. Policy List (Code M): A set of Terms for one country. It is composed of two Terms; one is displayed for the first time of game starts, and another is for review.
  3. Policy Category Registration & Contents Management (Code T): Terms are configured by game individually.

How to Indicate Terms of Service

If the Terms are registered in Terms of Service per AppID menu, Hive exposures the Terms depending on the furcate IP, a standard of Hive Platform to distinguish the country.

  1. user starts a game for the first time
  2. the revision of Terms requires user agreement again

When users sign out games, the terms are not shown up.