Hive AdKit is an advertisement module which fixes errors occurred in processing AD(X) Unity package and supports user convenience. Read this page one by one for using Hive AdKit as well as support SDK.

  • Minimum Supported SDK Version
    • Hive SDK v4.14.4.0
    • Hive SDK v4.14.4.0 KS

Hive AdKit supports Unity and Cocos2D-X engine.


Release Date Download

Release Notes

V1.3.3 (Aug 22, 2022)

  • Updated ADX-Unity to 2.2.6
    • Supports to use ADXLibrary-iOS 2.2.6
    • Supports to use ADXLibrary-Android 2.2.6
    • Fixed crash may occur when generating under-a-sec-running ads continuously
  • EDM4U 1.2.171 is now available

V1.3.2 (May 25, 2022)

  • Updated ADX-Unity to 2.1.7
    • Supports to use ADXLibrary-iOS 2.1.8

V1.3.1 (May 19, 2022)

  • Updated ADX-Unity to 2.1.6
    • Supports to use ADXLibrary-Android 2.1.6

V1.3.0 (May 17, 2022)

  • Available to include the individual additional information when sending logs
  • Updated ADX-Unity to 2.1.5
  • Renewed SKAdNetwork ID


How to Use

iOS (Unity 2019.4 and higher)

When you build an iOS project on Unity 2019.4 and higher, Unity generates the UnityFramework target that behaves with DynamicFramework.

  1. Setting EDM4U (Based on 1.2.171)
    Make sure that set up to build static_framwork in iOS Resolver Settings (menu: Assets > External Dependency Manager > iOS Resolver > Settings) of Unity editor.
  2. Check the settings of Podfile by using an editor.
  3. Perform a procedure of Xcode settings.



  • Rewarded type
    • AD(X) does not provide an API for advertisement exposure but informs to follow the AdMob guide.
    • Sending log is determined depending on the called RewardVideo API if Hive AdKit API and Hive SDK are in use. Log data is sent to Hive Analytics server, and the minimum version which supports this feature is as follows.
      • Hive SDK v4.11.0
  • Interstital type
  • Adaptive banner type

For details how to use Hive AdKit, read the following guide.

Initializing Hive AdKit

Required step before initializing, loading and showing all types of advertisement (AD)

Advanced Settings

Rewarded type

Interstitial type

Adaptive Banner type

Supporting iOS 14

Following is SKAdNetwork list of AD(X) for supporting iOS 14 and later version. AdKitPostprocess is based on the update on January 29, 2021. Don’t forget to check the latest update.

Supporting Android 11

A tag <queries> is added to the AndroidManifest.xml file of AD(X) library by supporting Android 11. If you check the error log as follows while building your project on Unity, refer to the guidelines to build with Unity-Android 11.

  • Sample error log on Unity

ADX Proguard Setting

The library AAR file includes the rule of Proguard, so that the setting carries out automatically.

Unity Integrate Notice

If the App ID on GoogleMobileAdsSettings is removed, go to Unity > Assets > Google Mobile Ads > Settings and select the Delay app measurement checkbox, then clear it again.


ADX Gradle Setting

On the Unity 2020 and later, add the following code in the gradle properties file(Assets/Plugins/Android/ not to occur a crash by a specific ad network when requesting ads.


Test Ads

It is important for advertiser not to be charged when test ad is clicked in development. If you click ads too much out of test mode, it is regarded as invalid action. Therefore, be aware not to be a target account to report. Refer to the Google Developers to use a test ad.

Version of Libraries for Hive AdKit v1.3.3

  • ADXLibrary
    • ADXLibrary-Unity 2.2.6
    • ADXLibrary-Android 2.2.6
      • ADXLibrary-Android-rewarded-video 2.2.6
      • ADXLibrary-Android-adx-library-standard 2.2.6
      • ADXLibrary-Android-adx-library-base 2.2.6
    • ADXLibrary-iOS 2.2.6
      • ADXLibrary-iOS/Standard 2.2.6
      • ADXLibrary-iOS/Rewarded 2.2.6
    • ADXLibrary-iOS-FBAudienceNetwork 2.2.6
    • ADXLibrary-iOS-UnityAds 2.2.6
    • ADXLibrary-iOS-Pangle 2.2.6
    • ADXLibrary-iOS-Fyber 2.2.6
  • AdMob-Unity 7.0.0
    • AdMob-Android 20.6.0
    • AdMob-iOS 9.6.0
  • Facebook Audience Network-Android 6.11.0
  • Facebook Audience Network-iOS 6.11.1
  • Vungle-Android 6.10.2
  • Vungle-iOS 6.10.5
  • UnityAds-Android 4.2.1
  • UnityAds-iOS 4.2.1
  • Cauly-Android 3.5.22
  • AdPieSDK-Android
  • AdPieSDK-iOS
  • AdFit-Android 3.12.6
  • AppLovin-iOS 11.4.3
  • AppLovin-Android 11.4.3
  • Fyber-iOS 8.1.5
  • Fyber-Android 8.1.2
  • Pangle-iOS
  • Pangle-Android