You can automatically generate a community by registering the community URL in the App Center.

If pre-settings are not configured in the App Center, please follow the steps below in the specified order.

(If it is a custom community, not a Hive community, please refer to this guide.)

Menu Location Content Note
App Center > Manage Project
  • Create Game
App Center > Manage Project > Select the game > AppID tab
  • Create an app ID for community purposes
  • Please create only one community app ID.
  • Please select an Web Login app ID when creating an app id
App Center > Manage Project > Select the game> Hive Product Settings tab
  • Create Community URL
  • Community URL must be created after creating the community app ID for normal operation.
  • The created community URL cannot be changed.
  • Existing URLs cannot be reused in other communities.

Community can be created only when the game is registered in the App Center. Please check the App Center guide for game registration.

If you are registering a new game, it may take some time due to console caching.

  • Menu to check the registered game: App Center > Manage Project> Manage Project

The community is provided not only on PC/mobile web browsers but also in the game in a web view form.

Therefore, App ID issuance is required in Hive SDK to convey community usage information.


Community App ID must be created under the game where you want to use the community.

Please select the purpose as “Community” in the web login App ID.

  • Menu location: App Center > App ID Management > [Register New App ID] button


You can create a community URL (domain) to use in the App Center.

  • Menu location: App Center > Game Management > Game List > (Select the corresponding game) > Hive Product Settings


Main domain cannot be changed, but subdomains corresponding to 2Depth categories (main menu) or 3Depth menu can be changed in the console.

  • Domain example: name to be used


Please set the game name to be used according to the rules below.

  • _ (underscore) not allowed (e.g., game_com2us –> not allowed)
  • Within 14 characters
  • Not duplicable
  • Use the same game name as the login > web login > Redirect URI

If you are using a custom community, not a Hive community, please select the custom community and register the URL.

It will be automatically registered in the Hive console whitelist for calling the community in the game as a web view.

(If it is not registered in the whitelist, it may work normally on the web, but errors may occur in the web view.)


When accessing the community in the game, automatic login is possible, but web login is required in the PC/mobile web environment.

The IdP types provided by Hive web login are as follows.

  • Hive Membership
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Apple (Different from Apple Game Center)

Hive Membership does not require separate settings, but for Google/Facebook/Apple, pre-registration is required for the key values provided by each service.

The login IDP information to be used also needs to be registered in the App Center.



Community Operation Checklist

If you are creating a community for the first time, please check the checklist items.

The community may only work properly if you meet the following conditions.

If there are missing items, it is recommended to proceed in the order below.

Menu Content Note
UI Management > Menu Management
  • Register at least one category and menu per language
  • Register at least one menu when setting UI Management > Main Management > Central Representative Bulletin Board
UI Management > Main Management > Select the game > Common tab > Set the representative language
  • Set the site’s representative language
UI Management > Main Management > Select the game> Language tab > Terms and Conditions
  • Web Login Terms and Conditions (required)
  • Community Terms and Conditions (recommended)
  • To use a community web login, you need to register terms and privacy policies in the web login terms and conditions input box.
  • The terms and conditions must be registered in the provisioning menu, and the path must be registered in the community language without fail.
  • Even if the terms and conditions are registered in the console, new community members cannot sign up and log in if it is not a correct terms and conditions URL.
  • When creating a new community, be sure to check and register the terms in the web login terms guide.
UI Management > Main Management > Select the game> Common tab > Service Page
  •  Change to “Normal”
  • The “Maintenance” page is automatically displayed when creating the community for the first time.