Among the administrators of the Hive console, the permission administrator is responsible for creating and managing permission groups for general users of the company.

In the Hive console, commercial/ test/ sandbox servers are classified according to their purpose, and each company can have a different permission application policy. The following information is provided the same to all users who use the Hive console.

The URL for accessing the Hive Console for each server and how to apply for permission are as follows. The permission is granted according to the predefined policy of each company.

Group Management Guide

A guide to group management for permission administrators. Permissions in the Hive console are managed in random group units, and groups can be freely created and changed by the permission administrator.

Adding a New Group

This is how you can add new groups.
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Group Settings

It makes basic settings for the created group. You can grant the game permission for the group to use, and you can select the menu to use.
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Permission Settings

After selecting the menu to be used by the group, specify the permissions allowed in the menu. Please allow permissions that match the scope of work of the group and members of the group, such as a menu that can only be viewed and a menu that can use administrator authority such as write and delete.
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Managing Group Members

You can manage group members within a group. Create a group and assign group members who will use the menu and authorities of the group to the group. Group members can be changed at any time, and when there is an issue of authority change, such as transfers of a group member, the existing authority can be easily changed/ removed by excluding the group member from the group.
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