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HIVEAuthMaintenanceInfo Class Reference

Server maintenance and update status information. More...

#import <HIVEAuth.h>

Inherits NSObject, and <NSCopying>.


NSString * title
NSString * message
NSString * button
 Text for button ex) OK.
HIVEAuthMaintenanceActionType action
 Actions to be taken when the button is pressed.
NSString * url
 URL to be browsed if actionType is OPEN_URL.
NSUInteger remainingTime
 The time in seconds remaining until the maintenance completes if actionType is EXIT. The time is updated in real time.
NSString * customerButton
 점검 커스텀 버튼
NSString * customerLink
 점검 커스텀 링크

Detailed Description

Server maintenance and update status information.

Maintenance information model.

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