Starting with Hive SDK v4 24.0.0, the ability to call an external browser within the game is provided. This means users can use an external browser while gaming without having to leave the game.

The in-game external browser call function not only reduces user bounce rate, but also provides a better user experience.


Instructions on how to use the in-game external browser call feature.

Settings function

The functions that can be set with InAppBrowserParam are as follows.

Features Content Default setting
NavigationColor Specifies the top navigation area color. OS default color
ButtonColor (iOS only supported) Specifies the top navigation area button color. OS default color
UrlBarHiding When a scroll event occurs, the top URL exposure area is hidden. true
AutoRedirectToExternalBrowser (Android only) If the browser app set in the terminal’s default app is not supported, an external browser connection is automatically supported. true

Example code

The example code for setting the function using InAppBrowserParam is as follows.