Programming Languages Changed

From HIVE SDK v4.13.0.1, programming languages change; Java to Kotlin, and Objective-C to Swift.

  • Kotlin is the official programming language on Android Developer, and it is officially announced that Google libraries are distributed in Kotlin at Google I/O 2019.
  • Swift is the official programming language on Apple Developer, and Apple recommends Swift, which covers errors as the successor to Objective-C language.
  • The two languages help you avoid common programming mistakes such as memory leaks or null references based on precise programming syntax.

HIVE SDK changed programming languages to decrease errors as well as to provide the latest services with excellent quality. We will support you as a stepping stone to the cutting-edge technologies of Google-Android and Apple-iOS.

HIVE SDK v1 and individual modules will support the two languages in order.
The APIs for Java or Objective-C keep their state due to changes in main programming languages only.
Therefore, game studio has nothing to add or change for using the SDK with new languages.