HIVE SDK v4.8.6 Released


Release Notes

  • Version: v4.8.6
  • Date: 2019-Mar-08
New Features
  • None
Changed Features
  • All
    • Updated the version of Facebo ok SDK in use.
      • Used version: [Android/iOS] v4.38.0
      • Updated version: [Android] v4.39.0, [iOS] v4.39.1
Bug Fixes
  • All
    • [Unity/Plugin] Fixed the exceptional case occurred on Unity in case event handler is not unregistered.
  • Android
    • [Provisioning] Fixed an error that when the rest time on maintenance popup is more than 24 days, time format becomes negative number and popup closes in a second.
    • [Push] Fixed not to crash on Firebase console when sending push notifications.
    • [Unity/Plugin/Auth v4] Fixed to close soft keys displayed while signing in Google Play Games Services (PGS).
    • [AuthV4] Fixed an error that soft keys hide the activated text box while signing in HIVE membership.
  • iOS
    • [Provisioning] Fixed to rotate permission notice popup.
    • [CPP/Plugin/Provider/GameCenter] Fixed to progress acheivement after implementing reportAchievement() method.
    • [Analytics] Fixed an error that in case signIn() method failed to log in, DID in transmitting analytics log is null when setup() method of AuthV4 class is initialized.