HIVE SDK v4.9.0 Update


Release Notes

  • Version: v4.9.0
  • Date: 2018-Jul-05
New Features
  • All
    • [Push] Added a feature which configures whether to display push mesasages (local push or remote push) or not while playing a game.
    • [Provisioning] Added numerous function buttons on a notice popup.
    • [Analytics] Added a unique value (analytics_id) to identify values while analyzing data.
    • [Auth v4] Added a popup feature which requests an agreement on collecting personal data as a response to the GDPR.
Changed Features
  • All
    • [Analytics] Stopped supporting TUNE, a marketing attribution tool and relevant libraries.
    • [Auth v1/Auth v4] Added the latest version of Facebook SDK and specified the feature handling expiry state of authentication tokens in accordance with changes in Facebook user access tokens policy.
    • [Auth v4] Changed to request essential permissions needed for Facebook Login and support extra setting values in the case additional permissions are required.
    • [Auth v4] Changed not to request the agreement on receiving SMS again without sign-in.
    • Stopped supporting Malay and relevant features.
  • Android
    • [Provisioning] Changed the way to close your app. If your app is required to close due to a maintenance popup or restriction popup, HIVE SDK used to terminate the application; however, app is closed by sending end event with HIVE SDK v4.9.0.
    • [Auth v1/Auth v4] Changed to sign in Facebook via Facebook app if the app is installed.
Bug Fixes
  • All
    • Fixed to deliver the country information of each device in the case of using country key for connecting with HIVE server.
  • Android
    • [Analytics] Fixed not to miss the userId setting on Singular when signing in with Auth v1 or Auth v4.
  • iOS
    • [Auth v4] Fixed not to simultaneously display a maintenance popup and an access permission notice popup, which is shown up when user plays your game for the first time after installation.
    • [Auth v1/Auth v4] Fixed the veiled part of access permission notice popup.