DID Policy Changes

We’d like to inform you a change of Hive’s DID policy to comply with the better privacy of OS.

1. New concept of DID

DID is an advertisement identifier which Hive uses and the issuance varies across apps.

2. Reason for DID policy change

Google and Apple have prohibited connecting the AD identifier to another data and reusing it. To comply with this policy, we had decided to change Hive’s DID Policy.

3. DID policy changes
  • DID functions as an intance ID
    : DID is issued sequentially according to the DID issuance requested, and the previous issuance standard of DID is discarded.
4. Impact of changing DID policy
  • One device can have a number of DID in accordance with changing the app’s usage environment or device settings such as re-installing an app, data initiallizing, and others.
    : New DID is issued and the previous one is discarded when you re-install an app.
  • Issued DID separately for each apps: New DID is issued when you install new game, even though you have a DID.
  • Guest user can not use the guest account again after removing and re-installing the app.
5. DID policy modification application schedule
  • Feb 2, 2018