V4.14.5.1 (Nov 09, 2020)


Release Notes

v4.14.5.1 (Nov 09, 2020)

New Features
  • None
Changed Features
  • None
Bug Fixes
  • Android
    • [Promotion] Fixed to apply cache to the URLs which work with cache file while exposing web banners.
      • It occurs on the pages with their own cache policy such as NAVER Cafe.
Version of third-party Libraries for HIVE SDK v4.14.5.1
Common item
  • AndroidX (Android) v1.0.0+
  • Firebase Library (Android) v20.2.4


  • Facebook SDK (Android) v7.1.0
  • Facebook SDK (iOS) 7.1.1
  • GooglePlay Services Game, Auth (Android) v17.0.0
  • Google Sign-In SDK (iOS) v5.0.2+


  • Google Play Billing (Android) v2.0.0
Optional item


  • QQ (Android) v3.3.7 (r2973327_lite)
  • QQ (iOS) v3.3.9
  • VK (Android) v1.6.9
  • VK (iOS) v1.5.1
  • WeChat (Android) v5.5.8
  • WeChat (iOS) v1.8.6.2
  • LINE (Android) v5.3.0
  • LINE (iOS) v5.4.0+
  • Twitter (Android) v3.3.0
  • Twitter (iOS) v5.1.0+


  • ONE store (Android) v17.02.00
  • WeChat (Android) v5.5.8
  • Amazon (Android) v2.0.76

Marketing Tracking Analytics

  • Adjust (Android) v4.20.0+
  • Adjust (iOS) v4.20.0+
  • Singular (Android) v9.2.5
  • Singular (iOS) v9.2.1
  • AppsFlyer v5.0.0+

v4.14.5.0 (Sep 25, 2020)

New Features
  • All
    • [IAP v4] Supported Amazon in-app purchase.
    • [IAP v4] Added an API which informs the market data currently selected.
      • Implement getSelectedMarket() method in the IAPV4 class.
Changed Features
  • All
    • [Auth v1/Auth v4/SocialFacebook/ProviderFacebook] Updated the Facebook SDK to the latest version.
      • Used version: [Android] v6.1.0, [iOS] v6.0.0+
      • Updated version: [Android] v7.1.0, [iOS] v7.1.1
    • [CPP/Plugin] Replaced PicoJSON library which exposes multiple link warnings on building.
    • [Common] Added AppVersion to the list of common identifier.
    • [Tracking] Added to send PlayerID and DID data when sending Adjust logs.
    • [Promotion] Updated full banner UI.
    • [Auth v4] Updated IdP lists on the account conflict popup in multi-lanugages.
  • Android
    • [Auth v4] Changed to edit the settings for Firebase analytics collection on the AndroidManifest.xml file.
Bug Fixes
  • All
    • [Unity/Plugin] Fixed not to fail the build due to library refernece remains even unused Provider is designated on ExternalDependencyEditor.
  • Android
    • [Provisioning] Fixed not to display the main button even the button is not in use.
    • [Promotion] Fixed not to fully expand the UI when user moves from a banner to another by using the link on the banner currently displayed.
    • [Promotion] Fixed not to expose Don't show this again today when user taps Back key on a custom view.
    • [Push] Fixed an error unavailable to use the style of BigPicture field.
    • [Common] Fixed an irregular exposure of navigation bar.
    • [Auth v4/Auth v1] Fixed to notify an appropriate message if camera or gallery is unavailable in accordance with device type.
    • [AuthV4Helper] Fixed the error message which notifies setting requirement when calling signIn() again even in login state.
    • [IAP v4] Fixed an error unavailable to terminate a transaction due to error callback sent by using TransactionFinish() method if verified user or ServerId is mismatched after restoring subscriptions on Google Play Store.
    • [Promotion] Fixed an error which has no banner image if image request is prior to the settings for DID while initialization.
  • iOS
    • [Auth v4] Added GDPR popup feature.
    • [Auth v4] Fixed not to crash when user quickly taps Game Start button twice or more.
    • [Auth v4/Auth v1] Fixed not to expose a popup when touching WKWebview for a moment.
    • [Auth v4/Auth v1] Fixed not to display a white screen when user tries to open a gallery without any pictures on it with iOS 14 and later.
    • [Auth v4/Auth v1] Fixed not to crash when tapping a shot button continuously to edit a profile image by using the camera.
    • [Auth v1] Fixed an error which sends install or update information reversely.