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com.hive.Promotion.PromotionBanner Class Reference

Banner information for a specific promotion. More...

Inherits DataModel.

Public Attributes

int pid = 0
 Promotion ID.
String imageUrl = ""
 Image Url.
String linkUrl = ""
 Banner click Url.
String displayStartDate = ""
 "2016-11-01 10:00:00"
String displayEndDate = ""
 "2016-11-31 10:00:00"
long utcStartDate = 0L
 Promotion start time (Unixtimestamp)
long utcEndDate = 0L
 Promotion end time (Unixtimestamp)
String typeLink = ""
 "webview", "webbrowser", "market", "notice", "text", "none"
String typeBanner = ""
 "great", "small", "rolling"

Detailed Description

Banner information for a specific promotion.

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