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hive.AppInvitationData Class Reference

Invite information for UserAcquisition. More...

Public Attributes

byte[] qrcode
 QR Code image data with app invite information.
String inviteCommonLink
 Default invite link.
String inviteHivemsgLink
 Invite link for HIVE certified users.
String inviteFacebookLink
 Invite link for Facebook certified users.
List< AppInvitationCampaigneachCampaignList
 List of campaigns that will be rewarded every time when a campaign is completed.
List< AppInvitationCampaignStage > stageCampaignList
 List of campaigns that will be rewarded when you reach the campaign completion goal of invites.
String inviteMessage
 Invite message (HIVE SDK v4.11.4+)

Detailed Description

Invite information for UserAcquisition.

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