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hive.ProfileHive Class Reference

HIVE user profile information

Public Attributes

String vid
 The unique ID of the user issued per game when performing a HIVE login

The game manages user information by vid.
String uid
 Unique ID (Big Integer type) used in HIVE Social.
String identifier
 HIVE Login ID (max 12)
String userName
 HIVE nickname or facebook name entered by the user (max 128)
String facebookId
 Facebook Id if Facebook account is connected, null if not.
String googleplusId
 If you have a Google Sign-in account linked or null if none (Android only.)
String profileImageUrl
 Profile image URL.
String country
 Country code according to user selection.
String comment
 The user's status message (a "word" entered by the user)
Boolean cached
 Whether data is cached (test field)
Boolean testAccount
 Whether it is a test account, true/false.
String email
 Login email address. Null if none.
String birthday
 Birthday , Null if none.
String gender
 Gender , Null if none.
Boolean gameFriend
 Whether in game friend, true/false.
String assnet
 HIVE Membership, C: Com2us, G : Com2us Holdings, H : HIVE, or null.
HiveRelationRoute relationRoute
 A route that you became friend for the first time.

Detailed Description

HIVE user profile information

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