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hive.ProviderGoogle Class Reference

You can use achievements and leaderboards within Google Play Games. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static void achievementsReveal (String achievementId)
 It show hidden achievements.
static void achievementsReveal (String achievementId, onAchievementsResult listener)
 It show hidden achievements.
static void achievementsUnlock (String achievementId)
 It achieve achievements.
static void achievementsUnlock (String achievementId, onAchievementsResult listener)
 It achieve achievements.
static void achievementsIncrement (String incrementalAchievementId, int value)
 It increases achievement figures.
static void achievementsIncrement (String incrementalAchievementId, int value, onAchievementsResult listener)
 It increases achievement figures.
static void showAchievements (onAchievementsResult listener)
 It shows the Google achievement UI.
static void leaderboardsSubmitScore (String leaderboardId, long score)
 It update the leaderboard score.
static void leaderboardsSubmitScore (String leaderboardId, long score, onLeaderboardsResult listener)
 It update the leaderboard score.
static void showLeaderboards (onLeaderboardsResult listener)
 It shows Google Leaderboard UI.

Detailed Description

You can use achievements and leaderboards within Google Play Games.

If it is not connected to Google Play Games, it will try to connect automatically when calling API.
It can be used independently regardless of AuthV4 Connect.
Even if automatic connection is made, it is not connected with the current playerId.

Created by hife on 2017. 6. 7.


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