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hive.SocialFacebook Class Reference

Public Member Functions

delegate void onProfileFacebook (ResultAPI result, List< ProfileFacebook > profileList)
 Returns HIVE Profile / Friend Information.
delegate void onSendMessageFacebook (ResultAPI result)
 Returns Facebook message transmission result.
delegate void onShowInvitationDialogFacebook (ResultAPI result, List< String > invitedUserList)
 Returns Facebook user invite to friend.
delegate void onPostFacebook (ResultAPI result)
 Returns Facebook posting result.

Static Public Member Functions

static void getMyProfile (onProfileFacebook listener)
 Request profile information of Facebook certified users.
static void getFriends (onProfileFacebook listener)
 Request Facebook friends list.
static void sendMessageFacebook (FacebookMessage messageContents, onSendMessageFacebook listener)
 Send message to Facebook friend.
static void showInvitationDialog (FacebookMessage inviteContents, onShowInvitationDialogFacebook listener)
 Show Facebook friend invite dialog to Facebook user
(Note: Generally, to increase the number of social friends, you can give a reward for inviting friends.
static void postFacebookWithContentURL (String contentURL, onPostFacebook listener)
 Post messages and images on Facebook timeline.
static Boolean isLogin ()
 사용자의 Facebook 세션 정보가 client에 있는 여부를 반환한다.

Detailed Description

ryuvsken, nanomech
4.0.0 HIVE users can view and modify their profile information and provide a social game service where they can make friends and play games with their friends together.
HIVE can make HIVE friends and synchronize the list by using external user information such as Facebook and contacts on your device.
The SocialFacebook class provides Facebook profile, Facebook friend list, and posting.

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