Fluentd Type


For using fluentd, see Fluentd Guide.


Refer to the documents in Fluentd official site for details.

Contact Com2uS or Com2uS Holdings Tech PM to request installation or operation of Fluentd agent.

  • Fluentd Server Information
    Hive Analytics Fluentd server URL is as follows. Available for load balancing with two servers.

    Common server
    (External network)
    analytics-hivelog-03.withhive.com (
    analytics-hivelog-04.withhive.com (
    (External network)
  • Fluentd Tag Information
    • Tag: ha2union.game.[category title]
    • Example 1: ha2union.game.hivesdk_login_log
    • Example 2: ha2union.game.hivesdk_levelup_log
  • Required field (Log is required to send the fields below)
    appId String Hive appId
    catagory String Category for log definition
    dateTime Timestamp The time when issued the YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:SS format log
    guid String Random key value
    A unique value that created by combining the log field’s values or the log’s unique values
  • tdagent version : v 1.x.x

Fluentd Guide

Using fluentd enables sending the logs as the method below. For more information, click the links below.