Hive Analytics collects logs through various log collecting methods such as Fluentd, Hive SDK, and HTTP.

Hive Analytics works as pictured below to send logs with Google BigQuery.


Fluentd type

Fluentd type runs using fluentd on the transmission/receiving daemon. As it supports various types of plugin, game server developers area available to program without difficulty.

Followings are the advantages when using fluentd:

  • Easy to handle system issues through load balancing when sending and receiving
  • Various Input/Output Plug-ins
  • Retry automatically when occurring network communication issues
  • Provides buffer and backup function

Http type

Http method is a type to send logs by curl in general. Its running format is the same as that of Fluentd type after log transmission to WAS.
The Http type can send logs without installing an application separately but requires implementing the log sending by each log. (Need to implement the re-sending logs when an error occurs.)

For more details about the structure and log sending method, see Sending Analytics Log.

Referring to the Operation > Analytics > Log Definition guide of Hive Developers enables to easier monitor.

※ The scribe and ftp types are available as additional functions with prior discussion.