Hive Authentication V4 supports account sync through Google Play Games and Apple Game Center accounts as well as Hive membership. In order to protect user data, Hive suggests the following ways to induce users to link accounts;

Encouraging Account Linking

You should encourage account linking when the user first logs in as a guest, during the tutorial or just after completing the tutorial.  You also need to have the in-game settings screen display linked account information and add other account link options.

  • At the First Login as a Guest
      If playing games with guest login, the guest user is possible to lose game data when user delete the game or replace mobile devices. Therefore, you should inform users about the possibility of data loss and encourage users to link their accounts.
  • While Playing or right after Completing Tutorials for a Guest
      As guest users play tutorials, you can add account linking as one of tutorial steps. After tutorials, expose a screen for account linking again to secure user data prior to starting games.
  • In-game Setting Screen
      Design the in-game setting screen with UI which displays information in or out of sync with an account, and expose the phrase that encourage account linking. Don’t forget to configure the in-game setting screen available for account linking.

Account Linking Screen Composition

If playing games with guest login, the guest user is possible to lose game data when users delete the game or replace mobile devices. Therefore, notify the possibility of data loss to users and expose the account linking screen in the game as following examples;

  • Inform precautions of guest login
    • Game data will be deleted when you log out or uninstall the game if you are playing as a guest.
    • If you linked the account, even if you delete the game, the game data that you played is restored when you reinstall the game.
    • If you have linked accounts, you can play on multiple devices.
    • You can add other account linking through the in-game setting menu during play after guest login.
  • Give user a choice of account linking on the account linking screen

Use clear expressions such as “Continue to play the game as a guest”, “Link an account with the game” for easy choice. Yes/No option may cause confusion.

  • Sample screen for account linking
  • Sample screen for in-game settings