The Hive item is a system designed for the integrated management of send/retrieve game money and item. You can easily manage and track the transaction history of item and that of game money.

  • Game Money: It means currency in the game such as coin, bell and love in Tiny Farm
  • Item: It means a regular item in games such as animals and eggs in Tiny Farm

Hive Item provides functions of send/retrieve game money and items for coupon system, event, offerwall and CPI.  You must implement Hive items in order to use these functions. It also provide back-office for administrators, so you can manually send items, retrieve items, or search history of item transaction.

The structure of Hive Item is that if Hive Item Server calls send item API or retrieve item API to the game server, the game server responds to the request. For more details of the Server API, refer to the following link.