Minimum Requirements

  • iOS 10.0 and higher
  • CocoaPods


  1. Open project’s Podfile and add the following line:
  2. Run pod install and download the TalkPlus SDK.
  3. Add the HiveTalkPlus.framework you downloaded to your project as Do Not Embed format.


  1. Import HiveTalkPlus from the class you will use HiveTalkPlus.
  2. Initialize Hive TalkPlus API before using Hive TalkPlus after calling AuthV4.setup() of Hive SDK.

Login / Logout Process

  • You need to login (LoginWithToken) once Hive TalkPlus API has been initialized.
  • You can get the token required when calling LoginWithToken through the AuthV4.getHiveTalkPlusLoginToken() function after calling AuthV4.signIn().
  • When a user logs out, make sure to call the Logout function of Hive TalkPlus. If the Logout function call is omitted, the user will continue to receive notifications even when offline.