Hive Promotions allows you to effectively expose new posts or events to the user within the game. You can also use it as a way to encourage more engagement with your game, or as a cross-promotion to advertise other games and give rewards.

Hive Promotion

Hive Promotion provides the following features;

  • WebView displaying promotion contents. (Promotion View)
  • Custom view/Custom board that lets you organize what you want.
  • Game review, exit, suggestion popups.
  • Offerwall for cross-promotion.
  • User Engagement encouraging users to participate event. (UE, Deep link)
  • User Acquisition encouraging users to install games. (UA)

Before applying Hive Promotion

Followings are required prior to applying Hive Promotion;

  • Refer to Guide for Hive Console Promotion to set promotion details on Hive Console first.
    News, Campaign, Notice, Banner and Offerwall pages receive configured data from Hive Console to display on Game Client. It means, you should register promotion details first on Hive Console to show them on games.
  • Refer to Guide for Hive Item API to implement Hive Item.
    In order to use Hive promotion and deliver game money to user, Hive item is required.

Promotion View result callback

If you use Promotion API to display the following Promotion Views, Hive returns API result through the callback handler as API parameter.

  • Full banner
  • News
  • Custom view/Custom board
  • Offerwall
  • Game review
  • Exit popups
  • Video clips on promotion

The callback functions provided from Hive API should comply with the following interface format if you are willing to use the Promotion View listed above.

Promotion View Status

When you call the Promotion API to show the Promotion View, it receives the enumeration data named PromotionEventType through the second parameter of the callback function. The value of this parameter explains the status of Promotion View.
PromotionEventType defines the followings;

Name Description
OPEN Promotion view is popped up
CLOSE Promotion view is closed
EXIT User clicks Exit popup (see more games)