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hive.PromotionBannerInfo Class Reference

Banner information for a specific promotion. More...

Public Attributes

int pid = 0
 Promotion ID.
String imageUrl
 Image Url.
String linkUrl
 Banner click Url.
String displayStartDate
 "2016-11-01 10:00:00"
String displayEndDate
 "2016-11-31 10:00:00"
long utcStartDate = 0
 Promotion start time (Unixtimestamp)
long utcEndDate = 0
 Promotion end time (Unixtimestamp)
String typeLink
 "webview", "webbrowser", "market", "notice", "text", "none"
String typeBanner
 "great", "small", "rolling"
String typeCampaign
 Promotion campaign type "all", "event", "notice", "permit".

Detailed Description

Banner information for a specific promotion.

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