Hive provides profile page that allows Hive members to set a unique profile image and nickname. APIs are also available to search profile data which users set.

Hive Profile Data

User profile is available to search with Hive API, and defined by ProfileHive class. Detailed composition is as follows:

Name Type Description
vid String A unique ID in a game regardless of Hive sign-up
uid String A unique ID issued to Hive user
identifier String(12) Hive Login ID
userName String(128) User name or the name set on Facebook
If a user creates a Hive account by using the Facebook account, the Facebook name will display on Hive. When the user changes its profile name on Hive after creating the account, the player has Hive profile name and Facebook name individually
facebookId String Facebook ID if a user syncs the Facebook account with Hive.

If not, the value is null

googleplusId String [Android Only] Google+ ID if a user syncs the Google+ account with Hive
profileImageUrl String Profile image URL. If a user did not set the profile image, default image URL on Hive is returned
country String Country code based on user’s IP

Format: ISO 3166-1 alpha-2

e.g. "GB"

comment String A daily comment that user typed
email String User’s email, available for Hive sign-in
birthday String User’s birthday. Null is displayed without birthday setting

Format: yyyy-mm-dd

gender String User’s gender

  • "M": Male
  • "F": Female
  • "null": User did not set the gender
gameFriend Boolean It explains whether users have friends who installed the same game user currently play

  • true: More than one of friends play the same game
  • false: None of the friends play the same game
assnet String It explains who signed up Hive via what game

  • "Hive": Signed up Hive via Hive homepage
  • "C": Signed up Hive via Com2uS game
  • "G": Signed up Hive via Com2uS Holdings game
  • null: Signed up before integrating into Hive; not Hive members yet

Hive Profile Search

Game users can search their profile on Hive. To display profile on the in-game screen rather than visiting profile page, search the profile data by implementing getMyProfile() method of SocialHive class.
Followings are sample codes to search profile information of Hive users.


API Reference: hive.SocialHive.getMyProfile


API Reference: SocialHive::getMyProfile


API Reference: com.hive.SocialHive.getMyProfile


API Reference: SocialHive:getMyProfile