[Developer Guide] AI Service – Text Abusing Detection API

In the developer guide updates, we not only cover changes to the guide contents following product updates but also provide information on content improvements to facilitate a better understanding for users.


Release Date Change History
2024/04/09 [Text Abusing Detection API]

  • New release of the Text Abusing Detection API Guide
  • New release of the Text Abusing Detection Console Guide
2024/04/04 [Blockchain Open API]

  • New release of KMS API Guide
  • Authentication header added to all API request values
  • Extension API – Mint NFT: Modified maximum account issuance per blockchain
[Blockchain Auth API]

  • All API endpoints changed from v1 to v2
[Hive Blockchain API]

  • isSend is added to request values for all APIs that creates transactions (Supports KMS API)
  • Modification of the data JSON object in response values for all APIs that creates transaction
  • Modification of request values in Mint NFT API
  • Modified maximum token issuance per blockchain for Mint NFT API
2024/04/03 [SDK Set Up > Unity > Hive Settings]

  • Update of Inspector screenshots for selecting Android/iOS Auth v4/v1