Hive provides Hive SDK Manager that makes easy-to-integrate between the game client and Hive SDK. Hive SDK Manager features an automatic upgrade of Hive SDK in the form of Unity plug-in.
If it’s unavailable to use Hive SDK Manager, click here and check how to install Hive SDK directly.

Download the SDK Manager

  1. Click Download > SDK v4 Kotlin/Swift > SDK Manager on Hive Developers and download the latest version of SDK Manager.
  2. Unzip the downloaded SDK Manager file.
  3. Click Assets > Import Package > Custom Package from the menu and choose the .unitypackage file.
  4. Click Import on the Import Unity Package window.
  5. When you open your Unity projects after applying SDK Manager, you can see Hive > HIVE SDK Manager on the menu as pictured below.
    For more information about SDK Manager, see SDK Manager guide.

Install and Update SDK

Hive SDK Manager enables you to install and update the latest version of Hive SDK.

  1. Select Hive > HIVE SDK Manager > SDK Upgrade from the toolbar.
  2. Select the Hive SDK version you want to install(or update) on the UpdateListView window.
  3. Click OK on the Upgrade Complete! message, then check the files created in /Assets/Hive_SDK_v4.

Remove SDK

Delete the files and directories listed below to remove the Hive SDK:

    • Hive SDK
      • /Assets/Hive_SDK_v4
    • Hive SDK config
      • /Assets/Plugins/Android/AndroidManifest.xml
      • /Assets/Plugins/Android/mainTemplate.gradle
      • /Assets/Plugins/Android/settingsTemplate.gradle
      • /Assets/Plugins/Android/hive_config.xml
      • /Assets/Plugins/iOS/hive_config.xml

Update SDK Manager

To update the SDK Manager, uninstall the SDK Manager you are using and install the latest version of it.

Hive SDK Manager can only update Hive SDK.


Uninstall SDK Manager

Delete the files and subdirectories of /Assets/HIVE.