Welcome to the Getting Started with Hive!

Getting Started with Hive is a guide for Hive new users that consists of for Development and for Service. Go to the Hive Developers guide linked to each page to learn Hive and apply it to your game.

Hive is:

  • a platform that provides various functions required to serve games. With Hive, you can shorten the time to develop mobile games, effectively increase game users, and encourage user participation.
    Check the following development guide for each products:


    Verifies online members and provides APIs required for sign in and consent to all service agreements.


    Provides operational and marketing functions optimized for global service.


    Manages all process related to payment through its back office.


    Manages push services and e-mails targeting users.

    Marketing Attribution

    Provides Third-party Mobile App Attribution (MAA) which tracks user activities in your app.


    Provides a variety of indicators for game analysis, and optimize marketing campaigns for specific users.

To utilize the features that Hive provides, you’ll need to set up the backend service provided by Hive in addition to working on the game client. We’d like you, especially the Game Operation department, to issue or update information for setting up the Hive Console in advance by following the guide below.
For more information about using Hive Console, see the Console guide.

Information for Hive Console Setup

Prior to setting up on Hive Console, you should sign up to Hive Platform and prepare the information required. For more details, see the guide linked to the respective items.

1. Sign up to Hive Platform

    • Go to the Hive Platform and sign up.
    • After signing up to Hive Platform, you can register game and billing information on Hive Console.

2. Game Info
Go to the Hive Console >; AppCenter >; Game Management >; Game List and confirm the game information you registered.

  • Game title (Korean and English)
  • Default language
  • Genre
  • Game Icon and Rep. Image (512*512)
  • Service platform

3. AppId (AppID Management guide)

    • Package Name for Android and Bundle Id for iOS
      e.g., com.gcp.sampleappname.ios.apple.global.normal
      e.g., com.gcp.sampleappname.android.google.global.normal

4. ID Provider

Enter the IdP that you are using or will use. Hive supports various IdPs such as followings:

iOS Android
[  ] Game Center
[  ] Google
[  ] Hive Membership
[  ] Facebook
[  ] QQ
[  ] WeChat
[  ] VK
[  ] LINE
[  ] Sign in with Apple
[  ] Google Play Games
[  ] Google
[  ] Hive Membership
[  ] Facebook
[  ] QQ
[  ] WeChat
[  ] VK
[  ] LINE
[  ] Sign in with Apple

5. Customer Support Settings (Optional)

    • An account and password for mailing
    • Mail server
      • You need the server for both common and sandbox.
        –   IMAP Server and Port (e.g., imap.abc.com, 993)
        –   SMPT Server and Port (e.g., smpt.abc.com, 465)
      • You should use your own mail server because external mail services may have the daily sending limits. (e.g., Google limits upto 2,000 per day.)
    • Information shown in reply mail
        • –   Company Name
        –   Email address for sending a reply (e.g., csnoreply@abc.com)