Hive Console is a backoffice where you can control Hive SDK products.

– Hive Console syncs different products with each other providing new features and data.
– Firebase products can work seamlessly on their own, share data and statistics, and access such data from an integrated dashboard.

Try using Hive more conveniently and securely in one backoffice console that encompasses interconnected products.

The outline of the functions provided by the Hive console

  1. Use industry standard OAuth 2.0 authentication system.
  2. Authorization system per company and game for the separation / view of personal information by company.
  3. Authorization system supports access authority of menus and data.
  4. Provides access authority to menus as group rather than as individuals.

New Product Addition and Usage Flow

1. Request authority

Request authority from the authorization admin according to the predefined policy for each company.

2. Create group

The authorization manager will create groups and grant authority according to the authorization request from the user.

3. Perform operation

All preparation is complete and the product is ready to be used.

4. Connect and log in

If you have been authorized via electronic approval, you can now access the Hive console. The url for accessing Hive console is as follows.

5. 2nd Verification

2nd Verification is required for security reasons when logging in for the first time to the Hive Console. OTP code will be sent to the mobile phone number/ email registered upon sign up.