Promotion CPI v2 log

  • Log Name : hive_promotion_cpi_v2_log
  • The fields in the table below do not include fields that are required when creating logs or employing analytics tools.
Field Name Description Data Type
no Log’s unique number INTEGER
promotionNo Promotion’s unique identification number INTEGER
bucketNo Bucket number INTEGER
path The funnel associated with the click event STRING
advertisingIdHash advertisingId hash function conversion STRING
imeiHash imei hash function conversion STRING
pubAppIndex Ad media game appindex INTEGER
advAppIndex Advertiser game appindex INTEGER
type Campaign or friend invite type STRING
uaCode Friend invitation code INTEGER
userDeviceModel User’s device and model STRING
userDeviceOs User’s device operating system STRING
userDeviceOsVersion User’s device operating system version STRING
clickLogNo Click log number for the click event STRING
clickLogTail Tail information from the click log (detailed additional information from the log) STRING
installLogNo Install log number for install events STRING
installLogTail Tail information from the installation log (detailed additional information from the log) STRING
installDateTimeKst Date and time in Korean Standard Time (KST) when the installation occurred TIMESTAMP
typeCamp Promotion type registered in promotion information STRING
typeBanner Promotion banner type registered in the promotion information STRING
pubAppDid DID of the advertising media app for cross promotion INTEGER