Text Abusing Detection System Guide

  1. Register a project in the Project Management Tab.
    1. Click the Project Registration Button.
    2. Select a project name.
    3. Select a text source.
      • If the desired text source is not available, you can add it by entering it directly.
    4. Check the detection settings and modify the detection settings as necessary.
    5. After checking the prohibited word settings, modify the prohibited word settings as necessary.
      • If you want to add other prohibited words in addition to the default prohibited words, you can add them by separating them with , or by uploading a file.
      • If you do not want to use default prohibited words, select Exclude Default Prohibited Words.
    6. Once you have completed entering the information, click the Register Button.
  2. Check the key of the registered project by selecting the Key Management Icon.
    1. Check the project key and secret key in the Key Management Menu.
  3. After checking the API document, use it according to the API specifications.