About Hive Analytics

Hive Analytics is a comprehensive index and analysis service that enables fast, unrestricted processing of large amounts of data for Hive platform games. It allows you to group game users using a segment function and conducts real-time targeting campaigns for grouped users. It also provides intensive analysis functions such as cohort analysis and funnel analysis.

Strong Features of Hive Analytics

  • Unlimited Data Storage Capacity – Collects all logs sent by games
  • Fast Data Processing – Provides real-time indexes
  • Fast and Easy Data Transfer – Provides transmission source through log definition function
  • Segment and Targeting – Provides a function to group users according to desired conditions and run targeting campaigns immediately
  • Intensive Analysis Function – Provides cohort analysis and funnel analysis

How to Use Hive Analytics

Get Started

Simple preparation is required to use Hive Analytics. After completing the steps in Get Started with Hive Analytics, you are all set.


Use Basic Functions

Once you are all prepared to use Hive Analytics, the following functions are available:

  • Index by Game: Hive SDK linkage alone provides major indexes required for game operation. 
  • Segment: Classifies and groups users according to specific conditions. 
  • Funnel Analysis: Analyzes how many new users reach the target section. 
  • Log Definition: Defines logs and creates tables to send logs for games to Hive Analytics.


Other Functions

In addition to basic functions, Hive Analytics supports the following functions through technical support:  

  • Custom Index: Sends logs separately to configure indexes using the transferred data. 
  • Cohort Analysis: Compares and analyzes indexes between groups segmented under certain conditions. 
  • Retention Analysis: Analyzes the revisit rate of users over a specific period by providing the index. 
  • Event Analysis: Directly and indirectly analyzes performance by providing indexes that can be used to compare events to analyze the impact of the events on the game based on Hive event participants, AUs, sales, etc. 
  • Pre-order Event Analysis: Tracks users who participated in the pre-order event and analyzes their impact on the game. 
  • Advertising Revenue Analysis: Analyzes advertising revenue by providing indexes related to advertising revenue for games with advertising modules.



Term Description
Segment Function to group game users by specific conditions
Snapshot List of actual users extracted according to conditions defined by a segment
Segment Combination Function to create a new snapshot by combining two segments or snapshots
Targeting Function to create push campaigns and promotional campaigns using segments and snapshots