appsflyer log

  • Log Name : hive_appsflyer_log
  • The fields in the table below do not include fields that are required when creating logs or employing analytics tools.
Field Name Description Data Type
appVer Advertiser’s configured App version STRING
sdkVer Advertiser’s configured SDK version STRING
appName Advertiser’s configured App name STRING
bundleId ios: Identifying a single app or app group on iOS.
Android: The name of the app.
customData Data configured by the advertiser in SDK or S2S STRING
networkAccountId Account ID of the advertiser with a partner STRING
attributedTouchTime UA : Attribution touch time contributed by us
Retargeting : Engagement time contributed by us
attributedTouchType Possible values for UA : Click, Impression, TV, Pre-install.
Retargeting : Click, Impression.
afCostModel Cost model reported in the attribution link. CPC/CPI/CPM/Other. Currently, all costs are calculated based on CPI regardless of this value. STRING
afCostValue Cost currency amount. Up to 4 decimal places are allowed. STRING
afCostCurrency Three-letter currency code complying with ISO-4217 (USD, EUR). The default is USD. STRING
eventSource Data configured by the advertiser in SDK or S2S. STRING
afPrt Partner STRING
mediaSource Media source originating or restricting the event. STRING
afChannel Media source channel. Examples: Google’s YouTube, Facebook’s Instagram. STRING
afKeywords Keywords used by the user in online searches as reported by the advertising network. STRING
installAppStore Android store where the app was downloaded. STRING
campaign Campaign name STRING
afCId Campaign ID STRING
afAdset Ad set, a group containing one or more ads. STRING
afAdsetId Ad set ID, the ID of the ad set. STRING
afAd Ad name STRING
afAdType Ad type (e.g., display) STRING
afSiteid Publisher ID STRING
afSubSiteid Sub-publisher ID STRING
afSub1 SDK-filled parameter 1 by the advertiser STRING
afSub2 SDK-filled parameter 2 by the advertiser STRING
afSub3 SDK-filled parameter 3 by the advertiser STRING
afSub4 SDK-filled parameter 4 by the advertiser STRING
afSub5 SDK-filled parameter 5 by the advertiser STRING
contributor1TouchType contributor TouchType STRING
contributor2TouchType contributor TouchType STRING
contributor3TouchType contributor TouchType STRING
contributor1TouchTime contributor TouchTime TIMESTAMP
contributor2TouchTime contributor TouchTime TIMESTAMP
contributor3TouchTime contributor TouchTime TIMESTAMP
contributor1AfPrt contributor Partner 1 STRING
contributor2AfPrt contributor Partner 2 STRING
contributor3AfPrt contributor Partner 3 STRING
contributor1MatchType contributor MatchType 1 STRING
contributor2MatchType contributor MatchType 2 STRING
contributor3MatchType contributor MatchType 3 STRING
contributor1MediaSource contributor MediaSource 1 STRING
contributor2MediaSource contributor MediaSource 2 STRING
contributor3MediaSource contributor MediaSource 3 STRING
contributor1Campaign contributor Campaign 1 STRING
contributor2Campaign contributor Campaign 2 STRING
contributor3Campaign contributor Campaign 3 STRING
campaignType Source of user acquisition STRING
conversionType Conversion type, in-app events/sessions not attributed to media sources STRING
isRetargeting UA : False
Retargeting: True for retargeting conversions and events
retargetingConversionType UA : Reinstall
Retargeting: Re-engagement, retribution for retargeting events
isPrimaryAttribution UA: True
Retargeting: Contributes to both the original media source (pre-reengagement) and reengagement media source during the re-engagement period.
afAttributionLookback Maximum period within which an install can be attributed to a specific ad. STRING
afReengagementWindow Retargeting : Period during which events are attributed to the retargeting campaign.
(This field is not filled for retargeting campaigns.)
matchType Attribution method type STRING
httpReferrer Identifies the address of the webpage associated with the AppsFlyer click URL. Check the referrer to see where the request started. STRING
originalUrl UA : This is the click/expose URL used.
If the link is a brand link: the field is filled using the brand link.
Retargeting: includes one of the following: Free for Retargeting links, deep linking data, and SRN
gpReferrer Reference URL for the installed package.
Available from Android SDK V4.8.5
gpClickTime Time when the app page was loaded in Google Play after clicking on the ad.
Time source: Google API
Available from Android SDK version 4.8.5
gpInstallBegin Time when the installation starts Source: User Device, which means the time displayed on the device. TIMESTAMP
gpBroadcastReferrer Google Play Broadcast Reaper STRING
keywordMatchType Keyword search types are only available on Google AdWords. STRING
keywordId Keywords returned as advertisements STRING
att Available on OS 14 and later and populated with one of the following values: ATT, AKA STRING
operator The name of the mobile carrier derived from SIM MCCMNC. STRING
carrier This is the name of the mobile carrier provided by Android using getSim Carrier IdName STRING
lang The language reported by the device and set in the device OS. STRING
appsflyerId Unique ID generated by SDK when the app is installed on the device STRING
customerUserId A unique app user ID set by the app owner STRING
androidId Permanent Device ID STRING
advertisingId advertising ID for Android devices STRING
imei Permanent device ID STRING
idfa IDFA for IOS devices STRING
amazonAid An advertising ID that can be reset by a user on an Amazon device. STRING
deviceCategory Device Type STRING
deviceModel Device Model STRING
platform Platform STRING
osVersion OS version STRING
userAgent The URL user agent STRING
deviceDownloadTime Time to complete downloading of apps converted to UTC using the device’s (Android, iOS) clock.
The value is always displayed in UTC time.
deeplinkUrl Deeplink URL STRING
oaid Typically, as an alternative to GAID, an ID that can be reset by the user on some Android devices STRING
isLat Limit ad tracking BOOLEAN
storeReinstall Is it possible to do a store installation BOOLEAN
countryCode Country code STRING
state Use device IP addresses reported by SDK STRING
city The most detailed location of the user based on the device IP STRING
postalCode Postal code: using device IP addresses reported by SDK STRING
dma Designated market area or geographic area, defined by Nielsen Company STRING
eventTime Time when the event occurred TIMESTAMP
eventName Event Name STRING
eventValue Event Value STRING
eventRevenue Revenue value using event revenue currency STRING
eventRevenueCurrency Event revenue currency code reported to SDK STRING
eventRevenueUsd Event Revenue USD STRING
isReceiptValidated Is receipt validated STRING
eventRevenueSelectedCurrency eventRevenueSelectedCurrency STRING
appType App type STRING
storeProductPage Apple App Store user product page available to users. Availability: iOS 15 or later STRING