What is the SES System?

It’s a System (Simple Email System) made to facilitate development, maintenance, management and use by unifying all mail systems used in the Hive platform room.

It’s composed independently of other platform room modules and systems. It provides the following functions.

– Send emails

– Validate email addresses

– Manage bounce mails
It refers to the email address that was sent by the SES System, but failed in the process of the provider notifying the actual sending result to the SES System asynchonously. If registered as Bounce Mail, you will not be able to try sending mail again after that.

– Manage Blacklist (Mail Domain, Mail Address)

– Manage Provider (mail sending system) and matching management by Mail Domain
– Manage email sending providers. (Example: Amazon, webpower, Lemon Mail, etc.)
– Manage mail receiving system domains. (Example: naver.com, gmail.com, com2us.com, qq.cn, etc.)
– Match a specific Email Domain with a specific Provider. (Example: If the mail domain is qq.com, the mail sending system uses webpower) In some cases, it is necessary to filter the email upon receival.

– Manage mail sending log


It’s available through the Hive Console > Hive Notification > SES menu.