Custom Board

  • Custom Board refers to posts (of each game) that are only shown in a designated game excluding normal notices. You must apply a key that’s issued when you create a custom board in order to use this feature.
  • Go to Hive Console > Promotion > Custom Board Menu for details.
Creating a New Custom Board

  1. Select a game of your choice and click Search.
  2. You can create a new board if there aren’t any boards registered. Enter the name and click New Board to create a new board.
Custom Board Management

  1. A key that’s issued automatically when you register a board. You need to apply it in the game.
  2. A description about the board. It’s a log-type data that’s not actually displayed in the actual service.
  3. You can set whether to make posts public. When set to OFF, posts are not exposed in the actual service even if there are registered posts.
  4. You can register/delete post(s) included in the corresponding board.
  5. You can set up the board name per language. This will be displayed in the actual service.
  6. You can check brief information about registered posts and expose the Expose/New icon.
Registering a Post

  1. You can set up how long you want the notice to be exposed. The starting date of the settings will be displayed in the actual service.
  2. Set whether to make posts public.
  3. When set to ON, the New icon is exposed in the post list.
  4. You can set the server to expose posts. Game servers registered in the app settings are exposed as optional items.
  5. You can enter the post title. Since the custom board is only exposed within the game that the board was created, you usually don’t need to enter the game title.
  6. When you write a post, set the settings to ON and click, and it will be applied to the actual service immediately.
Custom Board Example Screen