Blockchain Open API

Use blockchain without complex development

You can easily access core blockchain features through API calls by utilizing the Blockchain Open API. This API can be directly applied to games and allows each game team to independently develop and integrate features tailored to the game’s characteristics.


Key feature

Hive Blockchain API

Use APIs optimized for Web3 game development

It provides Web3 game-optimized features such as bulk minting for up to 200 NFTs per transaction and user-specific transaction log retrieval. Utilizing the Hive blockchain API allows you to efficiently manage your project from the development to the operation and administration stages of Web3 games.

Key feature

Hive Console Settings

Configure core blockchain features from the Hive Console

You can easily utilize the necessary blockchain features for Web3 games through the Hive Console without needing separate development.

Key feature

Manage Wallet

Manage Contract

Manage NFT

Manage Convert Pool

Transaction Search