Enter the Admob app ID and ad unit ID in Hive Console > Adiz > Admob Settings to display advertising with Adiz.
If you don’t already have your Admob app ID and ad unit ID, please follow the steps below to get them.

Prepare Admob Data for Entry

  1. Please log in at https://apps.admob.com.
  2. Is the app you want to use registered? Please add the app if it is not already registered.

  4. After you’ve registered your app, you’ll need to generate an ad unit ID. Please generate an ad unit ID by selecting the ad format that will appear on your app.

    (For example, there is a game called ‘newGame_android.’ Let’s make a banner ad unit that will appear in the ‘newGame_android’ game.)

  6. You now have all of the Admob information to enter after creating your ad unit ID. Please go to the Hive Console.

Start Using Adiz

Go to the Hive Console > Adiz > Admob Settings page.

  1. Select a game and click the Start button.

  3. You will see a sheet to enter your Admob information. First, enter the Hive app ID, followed by the Admob app ID.
    ※The Hive app ID and the Admob app ID must be the same. If you select the Hive iOS app ID, you must enter the iOS app ID in Admob.

  5. Please enter the ad unit ID once you have finished entering the app ID. Make sure to use the same ad format that you did in the Admob console.

    • Ad Unit ID: Please provide the ad unit ID that was generated at https://apps.admob.comd.
    • Ad Format: Please choose from the following options: Banner/ Interstitial/ Rewarded interstitial/ Rewarded/ Native advanced/ App open. If the ad unit ID format you entered above is Banner, you must also pick Banner here.
    • Please give a description of the ad unit ID here. This value is solely displayed on the console and has no effect on operation.


  7. The basic setup for getting started is now complete. Please click the Save button.

  9. Go to the settings page by game. You are now ready to start displaying ads using Adiz.


Manage Ad Unit ID

Add Ad Unit ID

A variety of ads can be displayed in games.
The ad unit ID can also be registered in the Hive Console.

  1. Click the Register Ad Unit button after selecting Hive Console > Adiz > Admob Settings > Game.

  3. A sheet will be displayed where you can enter your ad unit ID. Enter the same values as in the Admob console and press the Register button.

  5. Ad unit ID has been added. You can now call reward-type ads in addition to banner ads.


Disable Ad Unit ID Usage

Turn off the Enable toggle to stop using the ad unit ID. Ads cannot be requested from a disabled ad unit ID.
Please set the status to Enable to use it again.


Remove Ad Unit ID

Ad unit IDs that are no longer in use can be deleted. Please double-check the ad unit ID you want to remove. The Delete button will be activated, allowing you to remove the ID.