Check posts uploaded by users and add a comment or change the status. You can also download post data to use for events.

Menu: Console > Hive Community > Board Management > User Post

Search the user’s posts by board and language. You can change the privacy settings in the list. You can also view specific posts by using the View reported only or Pinned posts only functions.
You can download up to a week’s worth of post data as an excel file to check the posts and the info of users who posted them.

Tap the post to view its details. If you pin the post to the top, it can be selected as a pinned post at the top of the list in the current board or all boards. In addition, you can also add comments with the administrator account and download the comments added to the post as an excel file.

Admin Post

All posts created by the administrator can be managed in the menu below.
Menu: Console > Hive Community > Board Management > Admin Post

  • Privacy: Set up the privacy settings of the post. Posts will not be displayed if it is set to OFF.
  • TOP post: Manage TOP posts displayed at the top of the board. It can be set up for the current board or all boards. You can also select a duration.
  • Pin to top: Pin a post to the top of the board list. It can be set up for the current board only or all boards.
  • URL: You can check the URL even if the post is private.
  • Header: Select a header for the current board.
  • Allow comments: Allow comments during a specific period.
  • Push notification: Select if a post created by an administrator must be sent as an in-game push notification. A push notification will be sent to all users that have installed the game at the time of reveal. Please use this feature only when it is deemed essential as you may risk violating the market policy if you send push notifications too frequently. Push notification settings cannot be modified once the post is revealed.



Search Deleted Post

Posts that administrators have deleted can be recovered and managed in the following menu:
Menu: Console > Hive Community > Board Management > Search Deleted Post

(1) Recover: You can select and recover deleted posts.
(2) Posts with public/private status displayed indicate that comments have been deleted (the post itself is not deleted).
(3) Reported posts are shaded and cannot be recovered.


Forbidden Word

Administrators can manage prohibited words for each game and language in the following menu:
Menu: Console > Hive Community > Board Management > Prohibited Words Management

(1) Prohibited words can be registered and deleted for each game.

(2) Prohibited words are managed by common, language, and nickname.

  • Register common prohibited words in the “All” tab.
  • You can also register them by selecting the language tab to distinguish by site language.
  • Prohibited words in common and language tabs apply to the post scope.

(3) Nickname prohibitions are applied universally by language, and you can register them in the Nickname tab.

(4) If registering a single prohibited word, enter it in the singular registration field and press the Save button.

(5) If registering multiple prohibited words, refer to the guide below.

(6) You can view prohibited words registered for each game and language.

(7) To download the viewed prohibited words, press the Prohibited Words Excel Download button.


※ How to Register Multiple Forbidden Words

(1) Press the Original Excel Template button to download the template.

(2) Register prohibited words in column A labeled “Prohibited Words” and save.

(3) Upload the Excel file and press the Save button.


※ How to Delete Forbbiden Words

Press the X button next to the prohibited word in Prohibited Words Management, then press the confirm button.

Admin Nickname

Menu: Console > Hive Community > UI Management > Admin Nickname Management

Administrators can set the nickname and profile image that will be displayed to users when posting in the console. Multiple administrators can simultaneously set the same nickname.

  1. You can set Admin Nicknames for each community corresponding to each game.
  2. Existing registered Admin Nicknames can be deleted. However, the deletion function is only available for console accounts that have completed one-to-one registration.
  3. One-to-one registration is a feature that matches your console account with an admin nickname to register it.
  4. Arbitrary Registration is a feature that allows the administrator associated with a console account, which has completed one-to-one registration, to register and use additional nicknames.
  5. The Admin account issued during automatic community creation is used only in exceptional cases.


Search for the console ID for one-to-one matching. Set the desired nickname and image.

Please note that accounts that signed up for the console on the current day will appear in the console ID list the next day.

PlayerID linkage is an optional feature, and arbitrary registration does not allow PlayerID linkage.

Administrators can use any registered nicknames from the Admin Nickname Management menu when creating posts in the console.
Nicknames to be displayed and registered accounts are listed on each post creation page.
Posts can be created only for console accounts that have completed one-to-one registration, so make sure to register the admin nickname in advance.