Main Screen

You can set up the image resources and options displayed on the main page of the community.

Menu: Console > Community > UI management > Main Screen


  • Front Image: The image displayed at the top of the main page. It can be registered separately for the PC and mobile versions. The mobile version will be displayed in PC resolution only if it is not registered.
  • Skin: The image that serves as the background for the community site.
  • Game BI: The image that becomes the logo in the top-left corner of the community.
  • App Icon: The image displayed at the top of the PC version’s title bar. It is not shown on mobile.
  • SNS Share Image: The default image displayed when sharing the community URL on external social media.



  • Title Exposure (Mobile) : Determine whether the game title text is displayed on the mobile main image. The game title text is shown on the mobile main image.
  • Use of Coupon exchange : Decide whether to display the coupon exchange center button. Information required for the coupon exchange center is automatically transmitted, and no separate settings are needed.
    • However, the coupon exchange center button is displayed only for users with a Player ID, and clicking it redirects users to the coupon exchange center of the respective game.
    • For example, existing Hive membership members who join the community before the game launches can log in; however, the coupon exchange center button will not be displayed.
  • Use Brand Website : Decide whether to display the brand site button. It will not be shown in the in-game web view even when enabled.
  • Language : Select one of the 16 available languages for the community. The chosen language will determine the site’s display for users.
  • Representative Laguage : Choose between in-game language for gaming consoles or browser language for the web. The primary language site will be displayed if the selected language is not one of the user’s choices.
  • Display Copyright : Enter company information for the footer copyright notice.
  • CI Image: Upload the company CI image for display in the footer.
  • TOP Post Banner Exposure Settings : Choose between a horizontal or vertical display for the Top Posts Banner.
    • This banner appears at the top of post titles on the board pages.
  • Preview Type : This feature allows admins to preview the actual UI for confirmation after completing all settings. Note that these settings won’t be reflected in the service.


  • Title: Enter the title for the community site.
    • Title Display Locations
      • GNB
      • Below App Icon
      • SEO Meta Tags
  • YouTube Route : Enter the URL to be displayed in the YouTube section. Make sure to use the Embed URL provided by YouTube.
    • How to check Embed URP: YouTube video > Share button > Embed > copy the URL from the src value.
  • Central Representative Bulletin Board Settings : Select two representative boards to be displayed at the bottom of the main page. The left board is mandatory.
  • Main Bulletin Board at the top of the PC web : Select the boards to be displayed exclusively on the PC web’s top boards. If left unselected, this area will not be visible, and you can choose up to 4 boards.
  • SNS/Social media : Enter the social media links to be displayed in the footer.


  • Terms of Service
    (To expose consent to terms when logging in to the web) : Agreement to terms is required when logging in to the IdP for the first time through the community. Enter the service company’s terms of service and privacy policy as required.
  • Terms of Service
    (To expose footers in the community) : Enter the service company’s terms of service and privacy policy, and operation policy. The exposure of the footer in the community is determined based on the check status.
  • Download: Choose the store and type to display the download button. Since the pre-registration and download button images differ, so select accordingly.
  • Preview Type: This feature allows previewing of the community site on PC and mobile.

  • Service Page: Change the service status for each language on the community site. Text in the description and notes can be edited anytime. The only difference between the maintenance and closure pages is the main message; other functionalities remain the same.
    • Normal: Change the community site to a normal state where users can access it.
    • Check Page: Display a maintenance notice and is also set when the community is initially created.
    • End Page: Display a page used when the service is permanently discontinued.


Terms of Service

Web login terms are mandatory for a normal functioning web login/sign-up for users newly registered in the community.

※ Location: Community > UI Management > Main Management > Language Tab > Terms (For displaying terms upon web login)

Checklist Note
Terms paths require M code and T code, separated by “/”.
  • Normal URL:
  • Abnormal URL:
When registering terms in the console, make sure to differentiate them by language.
  • The community displays terms based on the browser language.
  • If the terms are not registered for a specific language, the web login for that language site will not function.

※ Location: Provisioning > Terms Management > Group/Combination Management > Terms Combination (M) > Manage Column > Edit Button

  • Only the M code is copied when copying the path from the “Basic and Review” tab. Please ensure that you also copy the T code from the “Consent to Terms” tab and enter it into the terms path.
  • Register terms for each language within the T code to use a common terms path (1 M code). (Image 1)
  • If using multiple M codes, register them by language in the Community Main Management menu. (Image 2)
  • Go to the “Add Terms Combination” > IMPORTANT” section to see changes in provisioning.



Bulletin Board

You can set up the board category and page for different languages. Normally, the category and page consist of 1 Depth and 2 Depth respectively, allocating similar pages into categories. But 1 Depth can be used for the page for external links, etc.

Menu: Console > Community > UI management > Menu management

  • Normal Board: A normal board where posts and comments that include text and media can be uploaded.
  • Image Board: A board with the same functions as the Normal Board, but every post must include an image, and the list of posts will be displayed as images.
  • Video Board: A board where only videos can be uploaded. Only administrators can post on this board due to operational risks.
  • One Line Board: A board where only texts can be entered in posts and comments.
  • Link: Used to post an external link. Link can be set up differently for each language.
    Permissions can be set up differently for each board. Viewing permissions must be greater than editing permissions.

  • Anyone: Permission that grants access to anyone. However, uploading posts is only available to logged-in members. Only viewing permission can be used.
  • Members: Permission that grants access to members only.
  • Admin: Permission that grants access to administrators only.

  • You can set up the default images by board for the key posts displayed at the top of the board. It will be applied with the image added to the post if you add them separately in the post.
  • Show/hide the add comment UI
  • Set up the header for each board. You can enter different headers for each language as well as multiple headers for each board. 

Banner Management

You can set up the main banner and main pop-up banner to be displayed in the community.

  • Banner name: Banner name set up for console management which is not exposed to the user.
  • Banner type: Select the main banner or main pop-up banner. Portrait images can only be added to the main pop-up banner and are only shown on mobile. Landscape images will be shown if none are added.
  • Default language: If a banner image has not been added for a certain language, it will be displayed as the image of the default language. Select None if you do not wish to use this feature.
  • Activate: Show/hide the banner. Banners will not be shown if set to OFF.

Manage Templates

You can use frequently used information by adding a template. You can add templates for each board/language, and they will only be applied to posts created by the administrator. If it is set to the default template, the template is shown automatically when creating admin posts, and you can also switch to other templates manually.


Profile API Sync

To enable the created API, you need to register the URL in the API integration menu on the console.
Currently, user account profile and profile image API linkage are supported.

※ Please check the API creation information here.
※ The information is updated immediately upon the user account profile API update.
※ The Game profile image API undergoes an information update through a batch program that queries the API at 2am KST. (Common for both production and sandbox environments.)
※ To ensure the normal operation of the API, it is necessary to open the firewall for the server’s API URL registered to the Hive community server IP.

※ Refer to the image below to open the Hive community server IP firewall displayed in the progress menu.

You can synchronize the same profile information used in the game into the community. To do this, you need to create a profile retrieval API.
Please refer to the Community Profile Creation API Guide for the protocol definition needed. The community will use the default nickname if there is no profile API.